Choosing Quality Cleaning Services Melbourne

Bond Cleaning Melbourne is one of the leading bond cleaning providers in the city and surrounding areas. “We offer Bond Cleaning in Melbourne, Victoria, and surrounding regions at the very cheapest rates with a ‘Bend’ guarantee (uses our 100% Bond Guarantee). Our business has a well-documented track record of delivering successful bond cleanings which have been accepted by the top real estate agents.” Indeed, having met with numerous residents and clients recently, I am convinced that Bond Cleaning Melbourne is one of the best cleaning organisations in Melbourne. And following its recent merger with Australian Cleaners Limited (ACL) under the ownership of creditor lenders Citi acted on my recommendation and commissioned a thorough pre-merger survey to identify any potential risks to residents in the area of merger.

The survey found many concerns from potential bond cleaning Melbourne tenants / owners, most of whom were not satisfied with their current provider. Most issues centered around the quality of their service, the frequency of their cleaning needs and the quality of bond returns. Whilst on our research tour, we did manage to visit each property to assess if a vacate cleaning contract was available or whether residents were required to sign a contract to continue living at the premises. Following this, each property was provided with an indicative contract; a copy of which can be viewed below.

* An indicative agreement provides the opportunity to both the owner/occupant and bond-cleaningcleaning service to review the terms and conditions. Both parties are provided time frames within which to resolve any disputes. * After the completion of this timeframe, the borrower is required to return all bond money back to the bond-cleaning service. * It is advisable to read the terms and conditions very carefully as they do vary between each property. This may be covered in the lease agreement or a separate document.

* The lease cleaning contract typically states the following: * When the bond cleaning process is complete, the property must be returned to the bond-cleaning service, in its original condition, in the same condition it was left in at the time of the occupation. * If a tenant wishes to clean the property before bond cleaning is completed, they may do so without fulfilling the above conditions. However, should a tenant wish to occupy the property after bond cleaning has been completed, they must fulfill all conditions of the lease cleaning agreement. Failure to do so will result in immediate eviction from the property.

A significant issue that we heard repeatedly was the lack of bond back guaranteed cleaning. In Victoria, as in most other states, there is no statutory guarantee that bond cleaning will be completed on the agreed date. If a tenant does not pay the bond back, they will be charged fines up to $1000 and could be permanently banned from living in the property. Tenants need to be aware that this can happen. As a rental agent, you have a responsibility to your current and future clients to make them aware of the risks involved with non-payment of the bond.

The Victorian Office of Fair Trading and Consumer Access (VEOAC) is the statutory body that oversees the state’s anti-discrimination laws. It is important for potential tenants to ensure that the Bond Cleaning Melbourne company they choose complies with the VEOAC guidelines. The guidelines state that bonded cleaners must not unreasonably discriminate against individuals who are trying to rent the property. In addition to this, they also must not discriminate against prospective tenants on the basis of race, gender, color, religion, or age. The law also requires that the bond back guaranteed cleaning company to provide equal opportunities for residents and buyers.

To help you find the right bonded cleaning Melbourne team for your property, it may be beneficial to find a reliable referral agency. By using a referral from a previous client will give you a better indication of whether the company met its obligations with regard to providing a safe and healthy working environment. This can also help to prove that the company adheres to the guidelines set out by the state regulator, the VEOAC.

With their emphasis on customer service and providing quality cleaning services melodiously, you can feel confident that you are working with an industry professional that will meet your expectations. Bonded cleaning Melbourne has a lot to offer. By hiring the right cleaning services melodious, you can enjoy a comfortable living experience in your own property.

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