Why Wood Tiles Are More Popular Than Hardwood Floors

You might have noticed that over the years, hardwood floors – while super popular – have slowly been replaced by wood tiles. What are the reasons for this change? Why have homeowners gone for this approach? We wanted to find out too.

That is why we spoke to the Tifefix Tasmania – the leading provider of tiles in Tasmania – about this little change in style and home design. They gave some solid reasons on why wood tiles are becoming as popular as hardwood floors. You can contact us today for more information about this process if you are interested. 

The Durability Factor 

There is no questioning that tiles are durable: made for the long haul and designed to withstand the changing nature of water and the weather. The same logic applies to wood tiles: they have the elements of wood that ensure that it is durable and strong. They can last for decades and can work in a range of different areas in the home. 

The Everywhere Factor 

Hardwood floors can’t be applied to any part of the home. It doesn’t work in bathrooms, kitchens and the outdoors because it is susceptible to water. Wood tiles though are designed to withstand water and the natural elements, meaning you can apply to any room in the home (and even outside). This is a key reason on why people are looking towards getting them installed in their home – it can be applied anywhere!  

The Cost Factor 

Let us start with the obvious: wood floors are more expensive than wood look tiles. You could be looking at anything between $10 to $20 a metre when it comes to installing wood floors – and this is for the cheaper stuff. The better the wood, the more it is going to cost. Wood tiles are cheaper, but also maintain that strength that hardwood floors have. So you’re getting the same value, but for a cheaper price. There is also the factor that you won’t spend much on maintaining it, which is something we are going to discuss below. 

The Maintenance Factor

Have you ever looked properly at hardwood floors? You will see that they are difficult to maintain. It scratches, cracks, and chips from all the traffic of people and the potential messes that could happen. You will need to constant maintain it so it looks its best and remains strong. Wood tiles, on the other hand, are easy to maintain and clean. You don’t have to worry about damaging the floor or spending money on it to make it look good. It requires a regular cleaning approach and will always look good. 

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