Winter Is Coming: How To Protect Your Roof

Winter is just like summer: it’s one of those seasons when the extreme weather can cause a lot of damage to your property. And with your roof being at the top and centre of it all, there is always a chance that your roof is going to suffer big time in the winter. That is why you have to take extra precautions to ensure that your roof is able to endure and come out the end of winter with no problems or damages. 

So how do you go about protecting your roof in the heavy rains and storms of winter? We have the five tips that can make the difference to your roof in the long run so you don’t need any roof restoration services: 

  1. Get a professional to come and inspect your roof before the season begins. They will be able to oversee if there are any repairs, replacements or restorations needed. This will ensure that your roof is at 100% when winter starts and you won’t have any problems when the cold hits. 
  2. Right after any heavy rains or storms, you should be removing all the debris from the roof. This puts unnecessary pressure on your roof tiles, which might force it to spring a hole or cause a leak. 
  3. Clear out your gutters right after a storm. There is always a high chance that your gutters will be overflowing with gunk and debris after a storm. Your job is to remove it as soon as possible. An overflowing gutter is going to spill over onto your roof, clog up your drains or break. You can also look into gutter guard installation in Melbourne to prevent any problems. 
  4. In those super cold places where frost or ice develops – and it has been known to happen near the bottom of Australia, you have to keep your eye on any icicles on your roof or gutters.  Although icicles may be pretty they prevent water flow and can cause damage to your roof.  
  5. Reach out to professionals to get your roof inspected if you believe that your roof could be damaged. There are a few clear signs that you might need a professional touch in terms of winter roof care and that includes:
    1. Missing shingles
    2. Lifted tiles
    3. Holes 
    4. Displacement of any ballast, fascias and sheet metal flashings.

With this firm base in place, you should be ready to prepare your roof for winter. You might sail through winter with no problems or you might suffer a few. In the end of the day, just follow these tips and you will be fine when it comes to roof protection in the winter.

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